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Here's What You Get

  • A live, interactive and engaging class over Zoom where I share all my Tips and tricks gained from forty (40) plus years of helping my students pass their road test.

  • A chance to win our free gas for one year.

  • An opportunity to ask your most pressing questions.

  • We will show you how to avoid points. Points cause you to fail.

  • Concerned about making turns too short or too wide? We will show you an easy to follow step by step method that will have you making safe turns in no time.

  • Miss this one step when leaving the curb and you could fail your road test. We will show you how not to miss this or any step when leaving the curb.

  • Afraid of parallel parking? If you can turn your steering wheel one revolution to the right and lock it to the left, we will have you parking in one gear.

  • Want a step by step, paint by the numbers, easy to follow method for doing the 3 point turn? Learn how in this class.

  • Make this one mistake when making a left turn and you could get into an accident and definitely fail your road test. In this class we will show you how to avoid making this fatal mistake

  • A Free driving lesson to practice what you will learn in this course.

  • This and so much more will be available.

Why You Should Take This Class?

  • We can help you pass.

  • It's too expensive to fail again.

  • Finally you can stop driving dirty (i.e without a driver's license).

  • You will be able to give up having to rely on a bus that takes forever especially on hot, sweltering summer days and cold, bone chilling winter days.

  • You won't have to depend on friends and relatives to take you grocery shopping.

  • Save money on Uber.

  • Not having to rely on your so call best friend when you go out for drinks.

  • Finally being able to take that road trip to visit your favorite aunt.

  • You are leaving New York and you need a license to get around.

  • You just got a job or job promotion that requires a driving license.

  • You are automatically registered for our challenge contest..

Why Fail When Passing Your Road Test Is So Easy?

.Last year, more than 51% of road test applicants in New York failed their road test. And, sad to say, many of those who failed knew how to drive.

Most people think that to pass your road test, you have to be a great driver. Don't get my wrong, you do have to know how to drive but to pass your road test in New York, you will have to convince the road test inspector that you are a Safe Driver.

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Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me!

Hi Colin, (aka Mr, C) here. I am the managing director and chief driving instructor for Fuzion Driving School in Brooklyn. I have been happily helping students pass their road test for some 40 plus years now.

I want to help you pass your road test. But you don't know if I am capable. So rather than me telling you I am capable, it's best if some of my students speak to that fact. Below are a few of the reviews left by my students.

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