Exciting, Live, Interactive Online Web Class (With A Free Road Test Booking) Shows You

How To Pass Your Very First Or Next Road Test!

Without Spending A Lot Of Time Or Money Doing So

Contrary To Popular Belief, You Don't Have To Be A Great Driver To Pass Your Road Test

Don't get me wrong, you do have to know how to drive. But to pass your road test in New York, you have to demonstrate that you are a safe driver.

Everyone who failed made too many mistakes, got too many points and were denied a driver's license.

For instance leaving the curb without signalling or failing to check your blind spot will cause you to get points.

Or making your turns too short or too wide. Worse yet, you can fail for going down the wrong side of the street.

Leaving the curb without signalling results in 10 points being added to your score.

Failure to check your blind spot adds 5 more points to your total. Making your turns too short or too wide adds 5 points each. And these points are added every time you make a mistake.

Accumulate more than 30 points and you are denied a driver's license. Commiting dangerous actions like going down the wrong side of the street results in your immediate failure.

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